USA Pickleball Paddle Cover

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The USA Pickleball Paddle Cover has stylish looks and a cushioned design that will keep your paddle in great condition wherever you go. This attractive cover will fit most paddle with some extra space to spare, comprised of soft neoprene material that has a zipper along one side. It will completely cover a paddle's face to protect it from dust or damage while a space at the bottom allows you to grab the handle when you're ready to play.

The USA Pickleball Paddle Cover has the organization's logo on it, comprised of a navy pickleball with "USA Pickleball" written in a white font. Standard size: 9-1/2" width and 11 1/2" length. The edging is split between red and navy, with the majority of the cover a dark navy.

Formerly known as USAPA Pickleball, the USA Pickleball paddle sleeve has been updated with their new logo. Keep your paddle looking like new and show support for the U.S.'s premier pickleball organization.