Infinity Play System

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The patent-pending Infinity Play System with the Multi-Twist Mini Ball Machine takes home tennis and pickleball practice to a new level of fun, efficiency, and effectiveness. 

The features of the system are unique in the world of racquet and paddle sports!


1) The only ball retrieval system with a removable dual-function ball machine! 

2) Fun and efficient practice in your garage, driveway, patio, or even in your basement! 

3) The battery operated Multi-Twist Mini Ball Machine is included in the package. 

4) The machine is a worldwide exclusive for OnCourt OffCourt, holding up to 15 tennis and pickleballs and has 5 adjustable settings.

5) The Multi-Twist Mini can be used with or separately from the Infinity Play System. It is the most compact high quality ball machine in the world and is also available independently from the Infinity Play System retrieval net! 

6) The machine works equally well with tennis balls (including transition balls) AND pickleballs!

Dimensions: When fully set up, the Infinity Play System measures 7ft 9in wide and 7ft tall.